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I'm Robina Haines

I was born and raised in the wheat belt in rural Western Australia.

In 2015, my life and the lives of my three young children were changed indefinitely when I got news of the sudden passing of my husband Nigel, on a remote mine site in the country’s north west.

12 months later, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and had to go into battle for my own life.

My first book, ‘Hello Grief – Be My Friend’ was published in 2018. It talks of my journey with a young family dealing with the minefield of emotions that a sudden death and a cancer diagnosis brings about. It is a book that encompasses love, loss, grief, hope and moving forward positively.

My second book, ‘My Shining Star’, a children’s book, was published in 2019. It was written as a tribute to my youngest son who, following Nigel’s passing would collect little things and put them in his school bag. The pockets of his bag would often be emptied of feathers which he believed were parts of his dad’s angel wings. This book might provide a starting point for anyone else that may be on a similar path.

My third book will be out in the near future!

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Hello Grief be my friend

This extraordinary journey of love, loss, courage, hope and gratitude is a must-read for everyone. Ultimately, we will all experience grief. Learning, appreciating and respecting grief’s impact and processes on us, and coming to terms with them, is one of the most valuable lessons we could ever have. A book to remind us all how precious life is and to embrace every day.
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My Shining Star

Ollie is going on a journey. But this is no ordinary journey. Lots of little creatures come out to help him but does he find what he is looking for? From Robina Haines, author of “Hello Grief – Be My Friend” comes a story to help children in times of grief – told just a little differently.
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Featured Books

My My Warrior Mum

When Ollies Mum tells him that she has breast cancer, they decide together that she is a Warrior. Ollies mum looks different to the other mums and she can’t run, jump and play as much But… That’s what makes Warriors different…
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Book Combo

Two great stories for one low price

Hello Grief, an extraordinary journey of love, loss, courage, hope and gratitude. My Shining Star, a story to help children in times of grief. Get both incredible books by Author Robina Haines.
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